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Upcoming Events

A planning application is due to be submitted in Winter 2022, at which point Darlington Borough Council will formally consult local residents and statutory consultees. This consultation will be open for comments from any interested parties and updates will be posted in the ‘News’ section of this website.

Past Events

Following the site’s identification as a potential location for development to meet the future needs of Darlington, a public consultation was held in October 2017 to seek the views of interested parties on how they would like to see the site developed if it were allocated for development in the Council’s Local Development Plan.

A further online community engagement event was held from 20th July 2020 until 2nd August 2020 to share the evolution of the proposal and where previous feedback had been taken onboard.

Prior to the Darlington Borough Local Plan being formally adopted by the Council in January 2022, extensive public consultation was undertaken by the Council during the production of the Local Plan between 2018 and 2022. Through this, residents and stakeholders were given the opportunity to provide comment on the draft Greater Faverdale allocation with these comments also being used to inform a comprehensive masterplan for the site.

Most recently in April/May 2022, public consultation was undertaken on the Greater Faverdale Burtree Garden Village Design Code Supplementary Planning Document which sets out a design process and design principles for developers to follow when preparing their plans for the site. This was approved by the Council in July 2022.