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Our Vision

Burtree Garden Village offers an opportunity to create one of the most exciting new communities in the North East.

Our vision for the site is to take the lead in an innovative way transforming the very way in which we think about and deliver housing in this country, in particular affordable housing. The site will provide a wide range of housing to meet all needs including entry level homes and downsizer properties as well as larger family homes.  In addition to family homes, there will also be a focus on older persons accommodation.

This vision is underpinned by a series of key principles which have helped guide the proposed development at Burtree Garden Village. The principles which have shaped the proposed development are outlined below:

  • To build a strong and resilient community – founded on leadership, a clear vision and ongoing community involvement and management;
  • Placing a village green, a country park and a community hub and school building at the heart of the community;
  • Produce high quality, imaginative design, combining the best of town and country living within a garden village setting;
  • Retain a rural, rather than urban or suburban, character through the creation of generous green space linked to the wider natural environment, including a well-managed network of green spaces, tree lined streets and water bodies/courses;
  • Support residents to live active and healthy lifestyles through prevention and early intervention programmes;
  • Provide access to local facilities and services based on good quality pedestrian links and walkable neighbourhoods;
  • Integrate accessible transport systems that cater for all modes of transport, including safe routes for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders;
  • Incorporate opportunities for local people to grow their own food;
  • Encompass open green space areas situated with convenient accessibility to all homes;
  • Ensure that the development does not create flooding issues on site or elsewhere through the integration of a comprehensive SUDS system within a “landscape/drainage framework”.

The work to date on the masterplan illustrates how a combination of site location, site ownership and development aspiration that Hellens Group and Homes England have can come together to create a unique residential development which will provide housing and support the economic growth of Darlington.

Ultimately our vision is for Burtree Garden Village to be recognisable for its high quality development and landscape design that respects the existing landscape setting, creating a strong connection between the new community and the surrounding environment. Burtree Garden Village will also help create a new community where people can live, work and exercise, striving for a healthier and a more sustainable future.

“Burtree Garden Village will help create a new community where people can live, work and exercise, striving for a healthier and a more sustainable future”

Master plan for Burtree Garden Village
  1. Community uses - including farm shop, cafe & community gardens
  2. Community Allotments and Orchard
  3. Cricket Pitch and Village Pavilion
  4. Burtree Park and Recreational Facilities
  5. Sports Pitch
  6. Primary School
  7. Retirement Village
  8. Light Industrial Units
  9. Potential location of proposed part and ride
  10. Public House in converted farm buildings
  11. Farm buildings converted into residential proerties
  12. Nature Reserve